Knoxville Schools


A progressive, innovative Knox County school system responds to the public educational needs of over 50,000 students in Knoxville and Knox county. The Knoxville area gives top priority to the education of it's young citizens and focuses on their development into responsible, contributing adults. 
The Tennessee School for the Deaf , in Knoxville, is a state supported residential school (kindergarten to twelfth grade).

Complementing the public school system are several excellent, accredited private schools in Knoxville, such as Webb School. There are also denominational schools operated by Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Seven-Day Adventist religions. 

The University of Tennessee has its main campus in Knoxville, it has over 27,000 students and offers degrees at the batchelor's, master's and doctorate level. The University of Tennessee in Knoxville is not only known for its football teams, it is a recognised leader in energy research, among other fields. It has for a long time been a partner with the Tennessee Valley Authority and The Oak Ridge National Laboratory, that it now administers for the US Department of Energy, in promoting joint energy reseasch.* There are a number of colleges in East Tennessee, three of them are very close to Knoxville: Maryville CollegePellissippi State Technical Community College and Roane State Community College.