Why Knoxville is a Great Place to Live!


Named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 25 Best Bang for the Buck Cities, Knoxville is the perfect combination of small-town and city life. Since its founding in 1791, Knoxville has remained one of the most iconic cities in Tennessee, embracing its heritage in a modern world. With a family-centered community and intense work ethic, Knoxville is the perfect place to pursue a career while celebrating a strong family life at home.

So why are people flocking to Knoxville, TN?

  • Beautiful scenery. Nestled comfortably near the Smoky Mountains, Knoxville is one of the most beautiful regions in TN. Whether you’re driving to work or spending time with your family, this natural beauty is so enjoyable in our increasingly digital world.
  • Worker satisfaction. Aside from the booming economy, Knoxville boasts some of the happiest employees in the nation. From benefits to career development to friendly yet competitive workplaces, Knoxville offers a plethora of professional opportunities.
  • Metropolitan growth. The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce was recognized as the Chamber of the Year in 2011, distinguishing Knoxville as a city where professionalism, family life, and a healthy lifestyle are championed by the local culture and city government.

With a booming economic sector, strong school systems, and friendly community, Knoxville remains a popular choice for young families, professionals, and established couples alike.